Best restaurants in Zurich

Restaurant les Halles

Les Halles is a converted factory, which makes it one of the most vibrant places among Zürich’s new hip restaurants. Its specialty is moules et frites, or mussels and French fries, a recipe which it has perfected. This restaurant relies on self-service in an uncomplicated and relaxed atmosphere. There is live music on certain nights and table football. The decor is eclectic with jumbled pieces of furniture and bicycles hanging from the ceiling. Additionally it features a shop selling Italian and French delicacies. One of the more reasonably priced establishments among Zürich’s high class restaurants, with a youthful crowd, Restaurant Les Halles is not to be missed.



The Kronenhalle is an old gourmet institution in Zürich, focusing on regional dishes. Even the beloved Swiss author Dürrenmatt was a guest here. Expect to find original Picassos and Mirós on the wall. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a drink at the bar before proceeding to the restaurant. The Kronenhalle has earned its reputation as a culinary landmark and has been long-time favorite for high quality Swiss cuisine.


Italia is a truly Italian restaurant with genuine, traditional cuisine. The menu is short, focusing instead on selected specialties. There are no pizzas, instead it serves dishes alla nonna – real homemade cooking. The restaurant boasts a brilliant selection of meat and cheese sourced from Italy. Having developed a true passion for unpretentious, rural recipes, expect to be served some traditional pasta, containing fresh and seasonal products. If you are enthusiastic about authentic Italian cuisine, you will not be disappointed.


This restaurant is a favorite among those looking for a delectable eating experience in Zurich’s trendy zone four. Volkshaus is not only renowned for its traditional Swiss dishes but is also host to a variety of concerts and exhibitions. The service is old school and highly professional in a classy but private atmosphere. While it counts as a typical Swiss restaurant, this 100 year-old institution avoids becoming a standard tourist trap. Keep an eye out for the many events in this multi-purpose venue and don’t miss out on some world class Swiss dishes.


This contemporary restaurant serves burgers, quesadillas and tasty weekend brunches in a relaxed atmosphere. With its light wooden walls, bleached floors and rustic interior it seems much like a country house. The Iro Grill next to the restaurant serves up a variety of meat specialties, ideal for take-away. Wander down here for one of the sport events and enjoy the hearty burgers or club sandwiches on a sunny day. Reasonable prices, great tastes and vibrant atmosphere are all on point in Iroqouis.

Fischer’s Fritz

True to its name, Fischer’s Fritz is located directly on Zurich’s stunning lake; some of the fish for their dishes is even sourced directly from there. Expect fresh and tasty seafood in an ideal holiday setting. Its mixture of French bistro and Northern German touches is not only incredibly charming, but also a winning concept. Come down here for a glass of wine on a warm summer evening and unwind with a prime view over the lake.

Maison Manesse

This locale is an exceptional and modern restaurant, serving both laid-back lunches as well as fine dining dishes. In the evening Maison Manesse serves experimental six or seven-course dinners. Their motto, “open for everything”, is reflected in their menu, and the restaurant successfully manages to walk the line between skillful cooking and an unpretentious eating atmosphere. Ideal for fans of exciting and unusual food with a cosmopolitan vibe, leaning on urban fusion fine dining, Maison Manesse’s innovative take on dishes has recently earned it its first Michelin star.

Raclette Stube

Following its name, this place serves up some of the best fondue and raclette in the city. The Raclette-Stube is open all year round and is rumored to serve some of the best cheese in the city. A definite must for a first-time visitor to Switzerland, indulge in these melted cheeses with a chilled glass of white wine in a traditional Swiss setting. Dishes are simple but incredibly tasty with helpful service. Raclette-Stube is best visited for a relaxed evening in a comfortable atmosphere.


Bebek offers Mediterranean dishes in a trendy area. Influences range from Greek to Lebanese and Moroccan cuisine. The interior shows oriental accents while retaining a laid back vibe. The bar on the upper floor offers a great view over the nearby Tramdepot. Cocktails are made from fresh herbs, home made syrups and seasonal fruits and are an ideal aperitif for the flavorsome, organic dishes. Service is friendly and accommodating, offering up a unique mixture of Swiss ambiance and Mediterranean dishes.


Gartenhof is a great, relaxed restaurant with a constantly changing weekly menu, serving up Swiss and French cuisine. Its retro feeling gives the place a comfortable atmosphere and the garden area out front is perfect for a drink on those hot summer days. Cooking is characterized by tender meats and tasty sauces with reliance on seasonal products. The typical Zürich drink, Hugo, should not be missed. The menu is selective but diverse, and is accompanied by great service. An ideal choice for a quick after-work bite or a low-key dinner.

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